Chelle Stack's Boot Camps are the perfect opportunity for coaches and athletes alike to take the next step towards their Elite goals.  She has a wealth of knowledge and she shares it openly with all the coaches who attend.  She has a love of sport that shines through her coaching of the coaches and athletes.  Chelle has a desire to see the coaches and athletes reach their full potential!  She has personally helped me build a TOPs and Elite track program within my current JO program, she provides education and clarification on the TOPs, HOPES and Elite Compulsory programs as well as the Elite/FIG Code of Points. She has helped me compose world class Elite routines for my TOPs, HOPES and Elite athletes. Chelle has inspired me to raise my expectations for not only my athletes but for myself as a professional within the sport of gymnastics!

- Jenn Camps Larsen, Program Director & Coach; Tigar Gymnastics, Wheat Ridge, CO

"Working with Chelle has been absolutely amazing! She has helped us so much along the way with our TOPs, HOPEs, and Elite program! We have attended many camps with Chelle and I learn something new from her every time! Chelle gives us and our girls such great advice on how to take our gymnastics to the next level. She is always willing to answer any questions we have and our girls love her!"

- Shauna Swartz; Golden City Gymnastics, Brandon, FL

Chelle Stack-Marcella guided Simone [Biles] and I into the Elite Program. She helped show us the techniques and work ethic that were the expectation of going to Developmental Camps.  If we had not had her guidance, Simone's career may have gone down a avery different path. Thank you, Chelle!

​- Aimee Boorman, Executive Director of Women’s Gymnastics & Elite Coordinator; Evo Athletics, Sarasota, FL

I approached Chelle Stack because I wanted our brand new TOPs program to be the best! Chelle's work with our coaches and athletes has made a significant difference in the gym. Her direct feedback, attention to details, form and technique is truly invaluable. She helped me implement new techniques, I didn’t just learn “how” to coach – “what” and “why” also became much clearer.  I learned to "trust the process"! The results...Less than a year later we have improved 100%!  Every athlete that tested this year made it National Testing with some even scoring the highest in the state! One thing I like best was the opportunity to attend her bootcamps.  The main benefits came from receiving individual feedback and interacting with National Staff, Elite Level coaches and other participants.  I would recommend Chelle if you are looking for great results and someone to help you make it happen!

- Valerie Mas, Head Coach & Owner; 360 Gymnastics, Stuart, FL

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"Because of Chelle's knowledge of the code, experience as National Staff and Olympic gymnast and as an Elite Judge, I relied heavily on Chelle to help me develop Elena (Arenas) into an elite gymnast.  The drills she provides to develop the basics is such an integral part in the development of anyone who desires to reach the "elite" status."

- Pete Arenas, Owner & Head Coach; Georgia Elite Gymnastics, Watkinsville, GA

"Just wanted say thank you for offering up a great training camp in Marlboro, NJ. My daughter had a wonderful time and took home some wonderful training tips. As a parent at the camp watching and listening , the best take away for a parent on the sideline was your personal time and Q&A time. Most camps are a no feedback total seclusion scenario which can be often intimidating and uncomfortable. Your communication was valuable. Some of us are living those hardships and wishing the world for our girls. With all that being said I pose the question for you as when are you coming out with you own life story book. I feel it would be priceless for aspiring elite gymnast and parents like me."

​- Fred Rivera Jr., Father of Gymnast

"Our coaching staff has been working with Chelle for years throughout the progressions of the TOPs program, Developmental Invite Camps, Developmental Camps, and onto Elite competitions. She is always ready to help in any way that she can!  We would not be as successful as we have been thus far without her guidance. We really appreciate the educational opportunities she has provided us and are impressed with how it has reflected in the quality of gymnastics from our athletes!!!"

- Kory White-Pemberton, Co-head coach; North East Texas Elite Gymnastics, Texarkana, TX 

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