• Athletes learn the technique and skills necessary to make it to a TOPs, Developmental Invite, or Developmental Team Camp
  • Coaches get to build upon their professional network for future coaching assistance
  • Hear from National Staff the "unwritten rules" of attending a Camp at the National Training Center
  • By attending "Basic Training" Boot Camps, you will be prepared to stand out and make a positive first impression on National Staff when attending your first camp

Additional benefits of attending a

"Basic Training" Boot Camp!

Why attend a Boot Camp?


  • Camps are a great way for athletes to hear a correction they may have been told time and time again but now a from a different voice
  • Coaches and athletes get to learn from camp staff who have had success at the JO, TOPs, HOPES, and Elite levels
  • Coaches get to learn from each other; new or different drills and techniques for teaching basic to advanced skills
  • Coaches and athletes will learn what they need to know when they first arrive at the National Training Center

"As a former USA Gymnastics National Team member, I understand the importance of good basics for the development of high level skill work.  Without that strong foundation, I would not have been able to make it to World Championships or the Olympic Games!  My coaches, Bela & Martha Karolyi, were steadfast in ensuring that we had strong fundamental skills before progressing to the next level"

- Chelle Stack

Chelle Stack's "Basic Training" Boot Camps focus on the proper technique and performance of all fundamental gymnastics skills necessary to be successful in competition and higher level training; TOPs, HOPES, and Elite!

No matter if you coach a JO athlete or an Elite athlete, each one needs to learn core fundamental skills that form a foundation for the development of more advanced skill work.

Without the proper technique of these foundational skills, the time necessary to attain a more advanced skill can be prolonged and even the acquisition of that skill can be put in jeopardy.

Proper body form; pike, arch, hollow, etc., all play a key roll in correct technique.  Muscle control, spacial awareness, angle of repulsion, hip and shoulder alignment, and more also play a huge role in learning proper technique.

If any one of these key elements is incorrect or missing, advancing skill work will be difficult or not even a possibility!

"Basic Training" Boot Camps were created to assist the coach and athlete (JO, TOPs, HOPES, Elite) to understand the importance of basics, how to resolve issues with these skills, and to learn more advanced skills off these foundational elements.

"Chelle really helped Simone and I with the fine details that were required to get started in the elite program.  The time she spent with us as coach and athlete helped us immensely.  She made frequent trips to follow up on Simone’s progress to help us make sure that Simone was staying on track."

- Aimee Boorman

Chelle Stack's

"Basic Training" Boot camps 

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